Monday, November 12, 2007

My Archenemy ...

just imagine with me if you will ... i'm in the nice, cozy living room just chewing on my chewy minding my own business, when suddenly ... dun dun da! the vacuum cleaner enters the room!

immediately i jump up and take a defensive stand. i keep an ever watchful eye on the black and yellow machine as i inch closer and closer and the stare down begins. you can cut the tension in the room with a knife. neither one of us is backing down. i give a little snarl and stand ready to attack! this is the fight of the century, bigger than anything you've ever see! the main event: beast vs. machine ...

the vacuum comes closer as i see mommy take it's devil-prong tail and put it into the wall. it must have mommy brainwashed with it's evil ways. the vacuum's motto, "leave nothing and suck up everything you come in contact with!" i know what's going to happen next ...

"VRROOOMMMM!" it's gowling so loudly!

"BARK!!!" ... i start barking and and yapping, chasing this demented machine as the david and goliath-type battle ensues. back and forth i chase and bark trying to run this wickedness out of my living room ... out of my house! i must protect the house! my mind is overflowing with thoughts, "protect the house, protect my toys, protect my chewy!" ... my chewy! i forgot about it! i left it all alone and vulnerable for the vacuum to suck up like a piece of worthless dirt.

i jumped onto the couch, darted down to the other end and leapt for dear life to cut off the vacuum before it could reach my chewy. i was too late. my chewy was already be tortured and sucked up while that machine howled with joy.

i lost hope and hung my head in shame ... but wait ... as the vacuum pulled away i saw my chewy was still there, too big to have been swallowed by those little but dangerous suckers.

with my hope restored i was able to continue chasing and barking the vacuum back further and closer to the darkness of the dungeon called "the basement." i chased it as it was starting to back away closer to the dark doorway to it's lair. i was ever so careful not to stumble or be sucked up by it's violent lunging.

just then i stumbled over my own 4 paws! i lie there in wait, petrified and unable to move a muscle out of pure fear. what did the evil vacuum have in store for me? what evil was i to undergo in "the basement?" i barked one last bark and snapped with my jaws in an attempt to go down fighting when suddenly, the vacuum went quite ...

mommy must have came to her senses from the mindless brainwashing and pulled the vacuum's whip-like tail out of wall.

mommy wrapped up it's tail around it securing the it so not to be loose so it wouldn't hurt any of us again. I escorted the prisoner myself scolding it with my high-pitched bark as mommy made sure it was taken down to "the basement." i was smiling ear to ear feeling ever so proud of myself.

mommy closed the door and gave me a pat on the head and said "the vacuuming is all done ... until next week when i have to clean again!"

WHAT!! oh no!

(evil vacuum laughs)

Here's me in action with the Vacuum! And to think, every time mommy wants to clean, this is what she has to put up with! ...

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Maggie & Mitch said...

Oh no! We can't see the video, Jada *sob sob*
It's just like that at our house when the evil Hoover comes out of the closet! We need to kill that sucker!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


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