Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Gurl!

Summertime is quickly approaching and it was only right that I needed to dress to impress for the season!
I look fabulous in my new cherry bikini ... Soaking up the sun!
Here I'm working in my tan ...
My summer job as a lifeguard!
Watch out Pamela Anderson ... there's a new babe on the beach this summer!
Whew! ... I saved Bobo!

Still taking a moment to look pretty!

Getting ready for Independence Day!

A cherry-themed summer!

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Summer!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mindy and Martin, the min pins!

I came across a very heartwrenching blog about two miniature pinschers attacked by another dog. Mindy and Martin were walking with their owner around their neighborhood when they were viciously attacked. Thankfully, they both both are alive but have quite a recovery ahead of them. Please check out their blog to read more about them including vet updates and to see pictures.

Please keep them in your prayers for a speedy recovery.


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