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You're much smaller than my miniature pinscher.  How much do you weigh?
  • I'm 7 pounds.  Turns out I was the runt of my litter, but like my blog title says, I'm not small, I'm fun size!
Where do you get all those cute clothes?
  • Petsmart, Petco and Wal-Mart all have cute clothing for dogs.  Sometimes it's a hit or miss.  Mommy will occassional splurge on me on some of my favorite online stores.  See "My Favorite Sites" on my homepage of my blog for those online stores.
How do you sit still for all those pictures?
  • Treats are very helpful when I get my picture taken.  Since mommy has been taking pictures of me since I was just a little puppy, I pretty much know the routine and can pose in various positions on my own (and it helps knowing there is a treat in my future!).


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