Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day! ...

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my new friends here at Blogger! I am thankful to have such wonderful, nice friends. I hope you and your families have a PAWsome and blessed Thanksgiving.

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P.S. I will manage to con my way out of some turkey and possibly a little piece of pumpkin pie! How could anyone resist my face???!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Almost Thanksgiving but won't feel the same ...

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving but it won't feel like it this year. Mommy just found out her Uncle Bob is in the hospital with a small, minor blockage near his heart and he and Aunt Monica won't be able to make it this year. They always bring the stuffing. It will be different this year without them but the rest of the family will be there so we are thankful for that. We are just all praying he will be okay.

This will be my second Thanksgiving with mommy and I'm excited! I always get a special doggie treat on holidays since I can't eat the people food ... wonder what it will be this time! Hopefully a new nylon bone to chew on!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

*S*N*O*W* ...

Yep, that date up there is right ... November 18, 2007 and we are getting our first snow for this season! As of the time I'm writing this blog, it's still coming down!

STUCK, STUCK! ... my tongue is stuck to the pole!! ...... *giggle* just kidding! =)

Checking out my surroundings ...

It's sticking!

AHHH!!!!! Snowflake in my eye ...
WOW, neato! Snow is fun!
Brrrr! Okay mommy, I'm ready to go in and get warm! Next time put my coat on, please!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Joys of Uncropped ears ...

As you can see, my ears are uncropped. It's more common to see a miniature pinscher with cropped ears, which are shaped and stand up straight. However, when I was a wee little pup, mommy and daddy decided not to get them cropped. I'm told that my big, floppy ears give me personality!

Here is what mommy calls the "Scooby-Doo" look ... one ear up, one flopped over ... but just the tip!

Ah yes, the disappearing ear trick! Some say I look like Minnie Mouse but mommy sums it up best by calling me Princess Leia from Star Wars ... "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope."

Here is the famous "kinked" look ... this is when I just don't know what to do with my ears. They just kind of hang out in the middle as if waiting for some sort of signal ...

And last but not least, my AU NATURAL big floppy ears ...

It's so good to be me!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I saw Shrek 3! ...

FINALLY ... mommy and I got to see Shrek 3! Since we were both doing a lot of resting yesterday (see my blog "I'm happy to be ALIVE" on why we had to rest!), my nana brought us lots of DVDs to watch. Shrek 3 was really funny and we laughed throughout the movie. We just love all the fairy tale characters. Mommy was excited too that Justin Timberlake was the voice for Artie. We sure needed a good laugh too!

LOOK! I even got in the spirit of Shrek ...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Happy to be ALIVE! ...

Early this morning I had quite an experience! Mommy took me out as usual at 4:30 a.m. when daddy gets up for work. Mommy picked me up and me carried outside oblivious to the danger that was awaiting us. As soon as mommy walked out the door she slipped a little but caught herself. From all the frost we got overnight and the much colder temperatures, it was very, very, VERY slippery on the deck. Mommy then proceeded to the steps when all of a sudden ... WHAMM!!!! ... her feet slipped out from under her and down the deck steps we went!

Mommy fell onto her butt and slide all the way down the 12 steps all the way to the bottom where the grass starting hitting each step hard. She saw me falling forward but couldn't grab me. When she hit the bottom, she frantically was looking for me. She looked up at the railing and saw me DANGLING BY MY LEASH!!! The railing is open and is big enough that I fit through and tumbled right over the side. My leash actually was snagged between the steps and railing in the wood. Mommy immediately stated screaming hysterically at the sight of me just hanging there thinking that I might have broken my neck or worse, was dead. She ran over to me ignoring any injuries she may have at the time and ripped my collar off. Thankfully, the way my collar was it wasn't strangling me to the point i was choking and mommy was able to free me. I was perfectly fine, besides being a little shaken up.

Daddy came rushing out to mommy's screaming and crying. What a daddy! He was just in his boxer shorts and nothing else and it was pretty cold out! He made sure we were both okay and helped me and mommy up the steps. Once I got into the house I was much better running around, playing and eating. Mommy, however, was in pain and ended up going to the Emergency Room. She has many bruises on her legs and her tailbone is very much bruise but luckily nothing is fractured or broken.

Here is the ironic part ... this actually wasn't the first time mommy and I fell down the steps together. As a matter of fact, one year ago, TO THE DAY, was the first time we had tumbled down the steps. That day was much warmer and sunny and happened in the afternoon. Mommy again was carrying me and slipped when her heel caught her pants. She fell head over heals that day and was in much more pain but thankfully no broken bones! I was fine on that day too.

From now on we will be a lot more careful when going outside, down the steps. Our Guardian Angels must have been working overtime!!! We are all just happy that things turned out the way they did and not as bad as things could have been. Daddy says I'm one tough puppy but wishes mommy was just as tough!!

Think we'll get back to relaxing and resting now ... doc's orders!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm losing my FUR ... AGAIN!

NO, I'm not doing a Britney and shaving myself, I'm actually losing some of my fur and it's not the first time it happened. Let me start at the beginning ...

Back in October 2006 I had my very first rabies vaccine. What none of us knew was that I was allergic to the liquid mixed in with the vaccine. Right after my shot I developed a lump on my right back leg where the shot was given and the vet said that it should go away. Well it didn't and it got worse! A week or so later, the lump still there, mommy and daddy started to notice a perfect hairless circle in and around where the shot was given! My hair had fallen out leaving a bald spot on my back right leg. Well, it didn't stop there ... I began losing small patches of hair all over my body, including my chest, ears and around my eyes!

In November 2006 ... my spot was growing!
We went to see the head vet and she said that this was not uncommon in some breeds of dogs such as poodles and chihuahuas, however, she never did see it in the miniature pinscher breed. That's when she told us that I was allergic to the liquid in the shot and from now on would need to have my rabies vaccine given to me deep in my muscle and not just under the skin. She said that the additional hairless patches over my body was a side effect of the shot called aloepacia (just another fancy smancy word for hairloss!) and that it could be treated with medications. She gave me an antibiotic and it cleared up in a couple months, however, she told us my circle patch on my leg may never fully grow back. We had options of having it surgically fixed but mommy and daddy didn't want to put me through that.

December 2006 ... you can see the tip of my ears were going hairless

January 2007 ... my spot was completely bald within 3 months.
Over the months anyone that would see me would constantly ask what the spot on my leg was or people would laugh and say I was defective (sad, I know ... people can be so mean). That's where mommy and daddy came in and said that I was just special and loved me even more! They would say that they would always know it was me because of my spot.

May 2007 ... Still bald but I didn't care ... I was still proud to be me!
Over the summer, mommy noticed something great ... my fur was coming back in. Sure enough, slowly my spot filled in to where you could just barely see any skin at all!

June 2007 ... my fur growing in just a bit!

September 2007 ... just about all grown in and looking good!
Here is where things go from good to bad again ... I got my updated rabies vaccine back on October 17, 2007. She gave me the shot deep in my muscle like was marked on my chart and things were going great. BUT ... just recently mommy noticed some bald patched in the same area! Could it be happening again?

November 10, 2007 ... little bald spots emerge almost a month after my rabies vaccine.
We hope that it will just be these spots and I won't loose anymore hair. You can see from this picture how well my fur did grow back. After all this, I know I'm still cute and pretty and most importantly LOVES! But I can make jokes about it ... I'm my very own Chia Pet!!

New Look ...

Since I'm finally getting the hang of this, I decided to redo the look of my Blog. I hope you enjoy the new look!

Now off to search for my next adventure ...

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Archenemy ...

just imagine with me if you will ... i'm in the nice, cozy living room just chewing on my chewy minding my own business, when suddenly ... dun dun da! the vacuum cleaner enters the room!

immediately i jump up and take a defensive stand. i keep an ever watchful eye on the black and yellow machine as i inch closer and closer and the stare down begins. you can cut the tension in the room with a knife. neither one of us is backing down. i give a little snarl and stand ready to attack! this is the fight of the century, bigger than anything you've ever see! the main event: beast vs. machine ...

the vacuum comes closer as i see mommy take it's devil-prong tail and put it into the wall. it must have mommy brainwashed with it's evil ways. the vacuum's motto, "leave nothing and suck up everything you come in contact with!" i know what's going to happen next ...

"VRROOOMMMM!" it's gowling so loudly!

"BARK!!!" ... i start barking and and yapping, chasing this demented machine as the david and goliath-type battle ensues. back and forth i chase and bark trying to run this wickedness out of my living room ... out of my house! i must protect the house! my mind is overflowing with thoughts, "protect the house, protect my toys, protect my chewy!" ... my chewy! i forgot about it! i left it all alone and vulnerable for the vacuum to suck up like a piece of worthless dirt.

i jumped onto the couch, darted down to the other end and leapt for dear life to cut off the vacuum before it could reach my chewy. i was too late. my chewy was already be tortured and sucked up while that machine howled with joy.

i lost hope and hung my head in shame ... but wait ... as the vacuum pulled away i saw my chewy was still there, too big to have been swallowed by those little but dangerous suckers.

with my hope restored i was able to continue chasing and barking the vacuum back further and closer to the darkness of the dungeon called "the basement." i chased it as it was starting to back away closer to the dark doorway to it's lair. i was ever so careful not to stumble or be sucked up by it's violent lunging.

just then i stumbled over my own 4 paws! i lie there in wait, petrified and unable to move a muscle out of pure fear. what did the evil vacuum have in store for me? what evil was i to undergo in "the basement?" i barked one last bark and snapped with my jaws in an attempt to go down fighting when suddenly, the vacuum went quite ...

mommy must have came to her senses from the mindless brainwashing and pulled the vacuum's whip-like tail out of wall.

mommy wrapped up it's tail around it securing the it so not to be loose so it wouldn't hurt any of us again. I escorted the prisoner myself scolding it with my high-pitched bark as mommy made sure it was taken down to "the basement." i was smiling ear to ear feeling ever so proud of myself.

mommy closed the door and gave me a pat on the head and said "the vacuuming is all done ... until next week when i have to clean again!"

WHAT!! oh no!

(evil vacuum laughs)

Here's me in action with the Vacuum! And to think, every time mommy wants to clean, this is what she has to put up with! ...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

MISSING: Blue the Husky ...

Blue's Website

Blue's Myspace page to help find him

Blue's Dogster page

**If you have any information on Blue's whereabouts or information that you feel is VERY important that we know about ... please email**

Mommy and I knew we had to do something to help after we watched a video on Blue's page. The words came across on the video "Imagine how you would feel if your dog was missing" ... those words made mommy's heart sink. She thought what if that were me? Then we knew we had to do something! So I'm reposting this to get the word out. I'm from Pennsylvania so hopefully some of you in the area of Michigan can keep your peepers opened.

I'm trying to do what I can to help Blue's family find him!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Successful Shopping Spree for ME! ...

Mommy went on a shopping spree today ... for ME! She always says that I have more clothes than her! She got me three new Christmas shirts AND a Christmas dress. I'm getting professional Christmas pictures taken next Sunday so I needed a pretty dress for the occasion. Take a peek ...

This one says "Mrs. Paws" on the back ...

"Rudolph's Got Nothing On Me" says this one ...

"Santa Baby" hurry down the chimney tonight *giggle*

And my pretty Christmas dress (mommy just tried it on me to make sure it fits!)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Real Dog, meet the iDog ...

Soooo, mommy go this new toy called the "iDog." She hooks up all these things, for lack of a better term, from that little box that plays music only she can hear to the "dog" and TA DA!!! ... music comes out of him!! He seems to like it since he moves his head and ears back and forth and barks. What is really weird, and this might frighten some, is he doesn't have normal eyes, nor does he have a nose or mouth!! Instead he has all these dots which light up his face, ... like a secret code ... Hmmm, yeah, that's what it is, A SECRET CODE! ... He's trying to tell me something with the blinking of the lights ... but what?

"Com'on buddy, what is it?" I'm trying to translate the dot sequence here...

Must try harder ... for his sake!

Maybe if I get closer, he will whisper the secret to me ...

Hey mommy, I'm bored now ... can I go play with something else?

Short attention span ... gotta love it :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm a dog with a blog ...

Well, finally, here I am ... I'm a dog with my first official blog! I have much to say and share with all of you. I'm anxious to tell my tail (yes, pun intended!) of my life. I am a very curious pup and tend to get myself into lots of adventures, mischief and pure fun!

So you are probably asking yourself, "WHO is this Jada?" ... well let me tell you a little more about ME. My full name is Little Miss Jada Kiss but you can call me Jada. I'm a 1 year old miniature pinscher. I live with my mommy and daddy in a small town in Pennsylvania, just outside the Poconos. I've been through much already in my short little life, including a "hairy" allergic reaction to my very first rabies shot, having dental surgery at the tender age of nine months and a scary visit to the Vet ER due to "poopie" situation ... but the details of those experiences will have to wait for future blogs!

This blog is how I see and view everyday life, through the eyes and mind of a puppy. Enjoy!


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