Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi there furriends!

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I didn't get around to reading your blogs today. Things were a little hectic and this weekend doesn't look any less busy for us :( I will try to make time to get around to reading them sometime this weekend, but if not I'll catch up next week.

I did want to share an amazing picture my mommy took this morning with her cell phone. Things started off being a bad day for her until she was leaving for work and saw this ...

When you see a rainbow appear, remember God's promise."

What a truly beautiful and amazing thing to see ... a rainbow! It made her think that things aren't so bad and put a big smile on her face. She got over her bad mood and thought of only the positive. Hope this does the same for you!


Priscilla said...

That's for the rainbow :)
I think we all need it sometimes in our lives!

The Teacher's Pets said...

Hello....Thank you for your very nice comments and thank you for becoming my newest (and littlest follower) today!
I do agree that we have to try to stay positive because, after all, there are lots of lots of good things in this world to look rainbows, for instance!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jada!
Sure it is pawesome to see a rainbow first time in the morning to make your day better!
Glad your mom had a good one!
Have a nice and relaxing weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Sam said...

What a pretty picture! The sky is so clear!


Hailey said...

hi Lil Miss!! Oh that rainbow was for a pawfect morning! Hope the rest of that day and through weekend was pawriffic for Mom!!!! My mom gets so busy herself and forgets to blog and read out loud to me too!

Hugs & smoochies! xoxo

peeees. Yes you have been contacting me on the right bloggie:


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